Precautions for the use of rotary dampers

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What problems should be paid attention to when using the rotary damper? What are the features?

What problems should be paid attention to when using the rotary damper? What are the features?




1. Do not start with insufficient installation strength

Starting with insufficient installation strength may cause mechanical damage and personal accidents.

Please ensure the installation strength and load torque factor.

2. Do not use as a stop device

Please use it within the allowable range of the buffer. Please do not use buffer position information for research object stops.

When the buffer is used in conjunction with the sky blocking device, personal and mechanical injury accidents will occur.

When installing an external stopper, please use it after the allowable use angle of the shock absorber is determined.

3. Prohibit the use of over torque

When the rotary damper is used beyond the rated torque, it will lead to oil leakage, shortened life, shaft damage and even mechanical accidents.

Please use within the operating torque range.

4. It is forbidden to use outside the specified ambient temperature range

Oil leakage and abnormal torque when used outside the specified operating temperature range. Please use it within the specified operating temperature range.

5. Pay attention to the use environment

Do not use under vacuum or high pressure to avoid mechanical damage.

Please avoid use in environments where cutting powder, cutting oil and liquids adhere to the buffer. This is the cause of bad things like buffer corruption, leaks, etc.

A rotary damper is a device that provides motion resistance and consumes motion energy. "Special" components placed on the structural system provide resistance to motion and dissipate kinetic energy.

Rotary damper features:

Speed ​​characteristics: The torque of the rotary damper varies with the speed. As speed increases, so does torque. As the speed decreases, so does the torque. The starting torque is different from the standard torque.

Temperature characteristics: Temperature characteristics, the rotary damper will change according to the surrounding temperature. The law of change is: when the ambient temperature increases, the torque decreases, and when the ambient temperature decreases, the torque increases. This is because when the ambient temperature changes, the viscosity of the viscous oil in the damper also changes. However, when the ambient temperature returns to normal, the torque also returns to its original value.

The rotary damper has one-way buffering and two-way buffering. The rapid development of the movement of goods has improved the quality and life of Chinese goods. For passing computer optical drives, CD players in and out of warehouses, opening and closing of laptops, adjustable seats, cell phone flips, cassette tapes, etc.

Rotary dampers are used in the production of electronic technology equipment, the production and life fields of various light industrial products, and the production and operation fields of mechanical engineering equipment companies.